Genesis of a magazine

Recently I have been considering giving birth to a magazine. ‘Not another bloody rag!’ I hear some of you exclaim. ‘Yes’ is my witty retort. In search of concepts and inspiration we(non-royal usage) ventured to Magnation in Elizabeth Street, Melbourne. This place is an amazing three stories of mags and newspapers from all over the world. It is worth a visit even if you just want to look at the pictures (nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more).
The good news was that I found few potential rivals in my proposed niche market. The bad news was that none of them contained much in the way of inspiration. The conclusion was that I will be like a blind man flying a faltering stunt plane into the teeth of a raging snowstorm.
But that’s okay. Tangible dangers are something I can cope with it’s the lurking type of danger that really worries me (spiders, tigers, that sort of thing).
So here’s the plan.
1. It will be a slightly kooky mag that deals with a wide range of subjects from spooks to monsters and flying saucers.
Yes, you guessed it another celebrity/film star/crash diets smorgasbord for those with no lives of their own. No? Well good thing I am just kidding.
2. Funding needs to be sourced from grants and far-sighted investors.
3. There will be sponsored competitions for readers along with reader contributions.
4. The mission is to ‘Intrigue, Inform and Entertain’.
5. there will be a nice balance of text, artwork and pickies.
6. Publication will be quarterly.
7. A website and app will be developed.
8. There will be interviews and via ouija board I have already lined up Edgar Allan Poe, Isaac Asimov and Jules Verne.
Now all I need to do is chase the cash while producing the necessary copy.
As my meerkat mates would say, ‘Simples. Tsk!’

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