The Rolling Stones, Betty Windsor, Me and the focused arrogance of the highly creative

I often look at myself and Keith Richards and think, ‘There but for the grace of a few hundred million bucks go I’.

To be fair, neither of us has the sort of face that would launch a thousand ships, but at least Keef’s dial, which resembles a dirt road that has been badly rutted by cart wheels, has in no way held him back. Keef has been and remains a great guitarist and a legendary songwriter. I guess that my point is, being cosmetically challenged is no barrier to achieving success. Soooo, perk up all my fellow ugly ducklings; beauty hides within us waiting to be released on an unsuspecting world. Rock and roll.

I was chuffed to see film of Betty Windsor’s visit to the GoT set in Belfast. She was definitely amused and so was I. Imagine, it is entirely possible that on some bleak British evening, Her Maj and possibly HRH Phil the Greek, may have been sitting on the lounge at Buck House watching GoT, while at the same time, in sunny Oz, I was sitting in front of the telly watching the replay of the very same episode. It sends a thrill down my spine to think that the Queen of Oz and myself could have such a close, personal connection. Maybe that is what the monarchists are on about, sharing one’s moments of amusement with herself?

You may have guessed that this piece is in reality an incisive examination of the self; i.e. me.

One of my idols is Salvador Dali who was quoted as saying:

‘Each morning when I awake, I experience again a supreme pleasure – that of being Salvador Dali’

Well, what’s in a name? I could have said that, but Sal beat me to it.

The Internet is full of research that supports a conclusion that creative geniuses have long had a reputation for arrogance. Not you Keef! It goes without saying.

It has been suggested that there is a connection between egotism and inventiveness. Of course, the big problem with labels is that they rarely apply, neatly, to the people you are seeking to label. All of we creative geniuses-in-the- making, are possessed of an ego that drives us to write or paint or whatever. Things just would not happen without it. To that we must add the determination necessary to carry out our ideas to their ultimate conclusion; to the standards we set for ourselves.

Stop reading if any of this is causing you to say, DOH! Homer Simpson you are excused.

So what do Keef, Betty Windsor and I have in common? Ego baby, and the drive to succeed. Keef’s music is one of my motivations and Betty’s continuing dominance of a difficult family (as well as her commitment to her duties to the realm) have to be admired. I dare say that Betty and Keef both have loads of ego and drive. So have I. What about you guys?

Sure, the Iron Throne is not for everyone but that doesn’t mean you should aim too low and end up on the floor.

Salvador said many things and another of my favourites is:

‘When I paint, the ocean roars. Others merely paddle in the bath.’

Ego is not a dirty word. Don’t throw it out with the bathwater.

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