Reflections on studying at NMIT – Part 4 – Guest speakers, pearls of wisdom in the chapel

To be an NMIT student is to answer a calling. Dedication and application are vital pre-requisites. However, it’s only at assessment time that you must take a vow of silence and avoid social contact. Otherwise it’s a good life and the gruel served in the canteen is second to none. We even have a peacock to look at.

Although the Mordor-like wider world laps at NMIT’s gates like an unpredictable and stormy sea, there is periodic relief in the form of visiting guest speakers. In fact, the guest speaker program has been a feature of the BWAP course for years. The guest speakers materialize at lunch time in the campus chapel. It’s an informal atmosphere and students have learned to munch on their lunches with minimum noise and crumb splattering.

This last semester’s lineup has been the usual mixed bag. It included a blogger, several authors and two editors. But all of them had more than one string to their knots. Most importantly, they all had experience of the dark, real world that lies in wait for innocent students.

The benefits of the program are obvious in terms of the valuable information these speakers have to impart. Best of all most speak with considerable insight and can reflect on their particular experiences. In this context the phrase, pearls of wisdom is not inappropriate.

The guest speaker program opens a window on the industry we students aspire to and offers an opportunity to ask questions of actual writing and publishing professionals. To those BWAP students who have not attended I urge you to find the motivation. You are bound to find out something you don’t know.

My time as a BWAP student is coming to an end. I will soon cast off my humble cassock and slip into the graduate student uniform of duffle coat and desert boots. But I know I will remember my time at NMIT.

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