I am Pandartados: warrior goddess for social justice with a sense of curiosity, whimsy and humility

A well balanced warrior goddess who is careful about her health. Definitely worthy of worship.


 I am  Pandartados: warrior goddess for social justice with a sense of curiosity, whimsy and humility

I am revved up this morning as I run on the treadmill. I’m a bit peeved at the daring idiocy of some people. I should know better than to read work emails at 6am. That is most definitely not a way to start off the day. The same is true about reading work emails after 8pm. No good can come of it. Anyway, I am revved up and ready to wage battle to right several ridiculous wrongs. Recently a colleague noted on my Facebook page:

“We love your force, passion, commitment, bold and take-no-prisoners way of being and seeing. Thanks for tireless effort and boundless energy.”

I have always been that day. From the day I was born, I have held a take-no-prisoners way of seeing. I also have combined that with an endless…

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Five things on Friday

Yummo big time.

write meg!

photo1. My potluck rut has ended! For months (years?), I’ve been toting cupcakes and pistachio fluff to work gatherings — but no more. At a going-away party for coworkers this week, I was tasked with bringing something “healthy” to, um, supplement our pizza — and fruit salad seemed an obvious choice. But because I can’t just throw fruit in a bowl, I fell down the Pinterest rabbit hole and discovered an easy addition: dry vanilla pudding mix. Genius.

Sliced strawberries, a pint of blueberries, canned pineapple with just a little of the reserved juices . . . and half a package of Jell-o vanilla pudding mix sprinkled atop, then stirred and chilled until delectable. I didn’t come home with a completely empty bowl, but close enough.

People just really love pizza, man.

2. We have a cardinal who “visits” with us every morning, and I was so charmed by him…

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Italian pasta salad. Like, half a recipe.

This looks fantastic

write meg!

Pasta salad

I haven’t made much that’s recipe-share-worthy in ages, friends.

Lest you be ridiculously disappointed with me, in my own defense? Our kitchen is still only half unpacked, which means Spencer and I are looking at each other with befuddled expressions searching for spoons or meat thermometers or butter at least once a night. I mean, we have the basics covered; the fridge is stocked with diet soda, I have plenty of chips and salsa, and Spence and I haven’t resorted to arm-wrestling for the last of my grandmother’s homemade peanut butter cups from a recent birthday party.


But dinners around here? A little sparse. Simple. Full of fresh vegetables, which is certainly not a bad thing — but I do miss having more at my disposal. Much like before the move, we’re all about streamlined eating around here . . . and though I’m optimistic that we’ll repair our…

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Where life queue and bucket lists shall meet

Another thoughtful piece.


The life queue

Everyday and every morning I make a to-do list. These lists usually consist of things I need to get done in the more immediate future, namely that day. There are oftentimes some aspirational items on my list as well. I place said items on my daily to-do lists to remind me of what I am striving for at the end of the day. I also have longer term items, such as plan my son’s birthday trip to remind me things come up quickly in life. I know I have to keep the eye on the ball (multiple balls, that is) at all times. I keep my old to-do lists (which I write on yellow pad paper) for a while so that I can go back and keep refreshing my lists. I walk around with pockets filled with yellow pieces of paper. Oddly, they keep me moving forward…

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Yet more saucers

More eatable flying saucers. Just how far does this conspiracy go?



We’ll technically I’ve missed the 4th now. But it’s here now (how many times did you hear “May the 4th be with you” today?) I know I said it a couple… hundred times haha!

Anyway some British sweets are the picture today called “Flying Saucers”. I don’t really know what the outside is but there’s sherbet in the middle and they’re pretty tasty =D

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Flying Saucer Cupcakes

This is the kind of twist I like to see. Health warning: these saucers may be fattening.


flying saucer cupcake
(Please excuse the absolute mess of my kitchen in the background, I was in a rush…)

Here it goes, my first recipe post! Bear with me…

Our office has semi-regular bake off’s and so far I have won both the best taste award and the best looking award in the last two, so my winning streak was at stake here! This time around the theme for the bake off was “Absolutely Fabulous”, so you could take it literally and bake a wine bottle shaped cake with fags ends coming out of it, or go all OTT on the decoration. I decided to go for latter…

Having scoured the net for inspiration, I stumbled upon a blog called raspberri cupcakes. Oh my. I implore you to go and check it out! Amazing recipes with amazing photograph, serious food porn! So after perusing her recipes I was inspired by a particular post…

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