Reflections on studying at NMIT – Part 3 – Creative Project III

My project is an ebook with modest enhancements. It is a collection of creative non-fiction pieces entitled ‘Retrospective Miscellany: short journeys into the past’. Whilst it is in no way a rival for ‘War and Peace’ this ebook took a considerable  amount of time and effort. In fact the written bits were only part of the story.

The chill winds of the Melbourne winter were howling about the Fairfield campus when I embarked on this task. Snow was not quite piled up against the doors and windows but I think you get the picture. Inside we were huddled around a small gas fire (coin operated). We covered divers topics such as self-publishing, building content, publishing mechanisms, styling, special  print effects and lots of other stuff that would enable us to realize our projects.

The brief called for a production plan as well as a report on progress. I recall that it was about the first day of spring when the lecturer made me cry. He just did not like the cover I had designed and pulled no punches in saying why he took that view. Two boxes of soggy tissues later I picked up the gauntlet and went to work using InDesign and Photoshop. I am very pleased with the new cover. It’s much better than the original but we are still waiting on the assessment.

Once the ebook format was complete I was able to include hyperlinks to, my website and my Twitter account. Welcome to the new age of self-publishing people. Its all about you, your vision and courage. But there is a note of caution.

To quote Dirty Harry ‘A man’s gotta know his limitations’ (this can aslo apply to ladies). DH also famously asked whether a certain punk was feeling lucky? So (ignoring the unspent shell factor), let me ask you writer to writer,. ‘Do you feel lucky?’ If you do, go for it.